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Raised Access Flooring (P.E.R)

Technics Land is a self-supporting modular system comprising:

extrafloor 46

1. Core tile and base of the coating, typically consisting of a wood particle board with E=30mm or 40mm and dimensions of 600x600, protected on its underside with three alternatives to be defined by the client, auto roll or sheet Kraft, aluminum foil E=0.05mm galvanized steel sheet or E=0.5mm. Canto Edge, whose mission is to allow the secrecy of the core and perfect calibration of the dimensions. This same board performs the function of support pisables coatings on the upper face.

2. Coatings attached at the top of the core, are the visible part of the GBR, these can be of various materials, HPL, Linoleum, PVC, Granities, natural timbers, etc., enable us to an endless array of finishes to the satisfaction of our customers.


3. Structure or media. It is the part that rests on the tile, from a minimum of 80mm (AST finished floor height) allows us to adjust the height to the needs of our customers, these brackets also can be braced together by crosspieces called optional pieces trying greater resistance if necessary.